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Ok, so this website seo page is basically all about how we are going to please our search engines and resulting with them bringing us more free website traffic.

To have the successful website you want, you need to be pleasing two things, the search engines and the human visitors.

This page will explain to you how you are going to do that and it is completly free and very easy.

Pleasing Human Visitors and Search Engines.

We please our human visitors because they are the ones who will be reading the content and purchasing the products.

We please the search engines because they are the machines who send us the free website traffic and rank our website within the Internet.

Below I will explain briefly how we should please our visitors and how we use search engine optimization to please the search engines.

Human Visitors.

Before website seo, you need to focus on pleasing your human visitors as much as you will be focusing on pleasing the search engines.

After all, it is your human visitors that generate your income. So website seo comes last after you think you have done enough to please your human visitors.

How do we please our human visitors? By selling content to them, I don't mean ask for a price to deliver content, I mean give them content that is unique that will reel them in, they need to be "wow'd" with what you have to offer them. This can be easy task or it can be difficult one.

An easy task because you can write a lot of content about a topic that you truly have valuable knowledge for.

A difficult task if you are writing content about something you know nothing about.

So think thoroughly about your niche choice, before you start creating content.

Website Seo to Please the Search Engines.

One important factor in creating any website is to be pleasing the search engines.

The usual website seo is very common for resulting in people going against the search engines... They think they can outsmart the search engines. By trying to work around them and buying these so called programs that let you "rank top 10 in google" etc. 

Half of these programs are not legitimate and are a waste of time and money.

If you truly want to win over the search engines then you need to get your priorities straight by...

  • Developing a links program "in page links" and "off page links". (Make off page links when you have created at least 25 content pages.)
  • Use sufficient amount of keywords and place them correctly on your pages. (for the engines to clearly know what your website and web pages are about.)
  • Include all Meta tags: Description, Title and Keywords.

These are just some of the things that need to be done, they are definitely the top 3 need to do's.

Meta Tags.

First we have the title, I am going to give you the Meta tags I use for the page I created called "build-a-website" so you have an idea on how I do it.

"Build a Website, Learn how to build a website to the best of your ability."

"Want to know the steps of how to build a website? Some great ways on how to build a valuable website. Including web design, free website software and more."

"build a website, free website builder, website tips, choosing a domain name, how to build a website"
They are my meta tags for a page I created. I also named the file of that page, "build-a-website.html" This also improves website seo.

You include these meta tags in every website page you build. After you have wrote your Meta tags you then place the keywords in your actual content page, so for example if you look at my page build a website, you will see that in the content I have included my specific keyword on that page at least 5 times, "build a website".

If you haven't read my website host page, then you may not know that SiteBuildIt, have a seo tool with their program which is called Analyze it. Basically you upload your page and before you build it you click the button "Analyze it" and what it does, it tells you exactly if you have optimized your page the best way you could for the search engines to read.

If you didn't do it correctly, "analyze it" will tell you exactly what to do to correct that page. Which will help the search engines read the page better.

Analyze it also tells you how many keywords are needed for each page, if your description, title, and file name are good enough for the SE's.

This makes website seo a lot easier for you. It's safer than trying your luck and writing your own meta tags with no third party help. So If I was you I would for sure consider SBI.

I know I make a huge fuss about how great Sitebuildit is on this website, but that is because they really are and if you want a website that works then I really suggest for you to sign up with them. If you cannot afford their yearly package then sign up to their monthly one. It is worth every cent.

Keywords and Proper Placement.

To help a search engine in another way, by making it easier for them to recognize what your web page is all about.

Do this by using enough keywords, keeping it simple keywords and placing them in the correct places.

We will first start with where you place your keywords.. You want at least 5-6 keywords spread out across your content page. Include the specific keyword in the first ninety characters just once.

After the second paragraph you want to include five more specific keywords across the whole of the page. Spread them out and disguise them in sentences, people don't like it when you use the same word too much.

Try to keep it at that limit, It is just about the correct amount of how many keywords should be placed over your web pages.

Do this for every page that you build, If you are using SiteBuildIt then you don't need to worry just click Analyze it.

Off Page Links Program.

To rank well with the search engines you do not just need keywords ranking from your website to other websites you need off page criteria, which is basically other recognized websites having a link directing other people to your website.

How do you get other websites to place a link to your website from theirs? Well If you were with sitebuildit, they help you do this by sending emails to their directory of web builders that have a hundreds of websites related to your niche choice. 

But sadly if you are not registered with them then you may have to do it the old fashioned way, which is basically emailing other website builders to place your links on their websites.

Most builders will not place a link to a website if the website doesn't have enough valuable content or simply not enough content.

So pack your content up and send these emails around when the time is right, which is usually when you have at least 20 to 25 pages of useful, unique and valuable content.

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