Choosing Website Hosts.

Choosing between the best website hosts can sometimes be quite a difficult task.

If you are anything like me then before you buy something you need to know if it is worth the cost.

So you can find on this page a few hosts that are reliable. This is the first step to building a website. 

First of all here is my little review of the Sitebuildit host which I use for this website... but further down you can find host plans and domain name registars that offer differently from SBI.

My number one website host..SiteBuildIt!

SiteBuildIt! In my opinion is the top hosting company on the net, not only do they host your website but they offer every little thing you need to create a successful online business. Hundreds of marketing tools and a large amount of different marketing resources.

When you purchase sitebuildit! they send you an email with the whole package, they give you a step by step video instruction guide on how to build your website, how to build content, build traffic, credibility and different ways that you can monetize your website. (make money with your website).

Thats just a small amount of some of the amazing advantages that you will get with sitebuildit.

Watch this video and read my detailed review of SBI to find out more about the advantages of Sitebuildit's marketing tools and techniques. Visit the SBI Review page.

If you decided that sitebuildit is not right for you or the costs of it are too high for your budget, then here are some different hosts that are less than half the price but offer a variety of different plans.


I realize that SBI can be a bit over the budget .. but if you are serious about creating a successful website then I really do recommend it..

They will guide you to a successful online e-business, They actually guarantee it.. If you follow there guide, it will work..

But, I understand that if this is your first time building a website. Then you don't want to put down all that money so quickly, so I have chosen some hosts that are not as expensive but just as reliable.

This domain name registrar and host company is known as Hostpapa who offer packages that include... Unlimited disk space, unlimited domain names on one account, a free domain name for life, unlimited bandwidth and much more for less than 5 dollars.

Extremely cheap and extremely reliable... if you wish to learn more then visit their website for more information on their cheap deals.

Last but not least.

A reliable hosting business that you may already know of, as they are a global company with millions of satisfied customers... is... one of the leading industries in domain names and website hosting.. 

If you would like to find out more about GoDaddy and their amazing host plans such as... $1.99 4GH Web hosting at then check out their website at the above link

Remember that you need a website host and domain name to build any website, so it is crucial for you to choose your website host and sign up as soon as possible.

Then register your domain name with your selected host (most hosts supply domains) and get building your website's content! 

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