Why You Shouldn't Rush To Your Website Domain Registration.

You are probably wondering why I keep telling you that you shouldn't start your website domain registration right away.

The answer to that is very simple, do not be too eager to earn money right away, your goal is to write great content not to make money instantly.

If you are thinking that you just want to make money, then don't. This is not the way to think, what you should be thinking is that you want to create a good website that will bring interest to your visitors and build a substantial amount of targeted traffic. 

This page tells you why you shouldn't register your domain name too early and why, making sure you have made all the correct topic decisions etc... also giving you ideas on how to plan and research for your website. 

Have you already chosen your domain name?

Do you already have a website name and have chosen a topic to write about? and you are so certain it is going to work?

This is a great attitude to have, but you do need to be a hundred percent sure your doing the right thing.

Website domain registration is not always something that should be done so fast, a good website domain name shouldn't be the first name that comes to your mind.

You have to take valuable time and hand pick the best domain name you can, why? a domain name represents you and your site. 

But before you get to the point of website domain registration. Be sure to read this page and see if your heading the right way. 

Your website domain registration should contain the following.

  • An appealing domain name.
  • It should bring curiosity to your readers. 

  • Easy to remember.
  • Try make it a simple phrase that people can easily remember. 

  • Not too confusing.
  • It should not be a name that doesn't have a meaning. With a name which doesn't relate to the content that is on the website. 

  • Do not brand your domain name.
  • Example, www.rachelandpetes-condos-to-rent. Nobody knows your names, people want it simple and professional, besides you may not recieve any traffic for the word rachelandpetes.

    What To Do Before Website Domain Registration.

    Here are key things that should be done before you get to website domain registration.

  • Select a topic that you truly feel passionate about. If you need help, read my page on choosing a niche.
  • Research and plan your topic before you start to write anything about it.
  • Research your website's keywords with the google adword keyword tool.

  • Using The Google Adword Keyword Tool.

    This tool is really amazing and a tool that should be used through out the whole time you are building. 

    Ok, so what this marketing tool does is ... It value's keywords and their search ratios for every month. You write in the word that you have chosen to search for. Googles keyword tool then tells you how many times people have typed in that keyword every month.

    It also brings up hundreds of different words that are related to the keyword you typed in, showing you how many times they have been typed in,  which could also allow you to create content. With more keywords that can help you explain your niche in a better detailed way.

    Try out the Google Adword Keyword Tool. See how it could benefit your website research and planning. Maybe even help you to choosing a domain name.

    Website Tip: When using the Google keyword tool, if you are writing in phrases or large sentences be sure to change the words around in the sentence. for example "making a website" can change to "website making". You will find that the same words, but in different parts of the sentence will change ratio and have different search numbers when the sentences are mixed up a little. Though the tool will most likely bring up the other word in your first search, if it doesn't try it that way.

    The Right Website Topic ?

    Do you know what your website is going to be about?

    Yes or No? For example, if you are a beginner and have decided that your website is going to be about exercise.

    Maybe your thinking its an easy topic, anyone can learn about it and there is tons of information for you to look at on the Internet all related to exercise and exercising.

    Yes a very true fact, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet all about exercise. The question is do you really like exercise? Are you truly passionate about it? or are you thinking that you want to make money from building a website and exercise seems like the best and easiest topic to pick?

    This is an example, you can choose exercise if you wish, I just wanted to let you know if you are thinking this way then maybe you should choose a different topic, before website domain registration.

    If you feel that you have chosen a topic that you really like and are excited to write about it, then go ahead and register your domain name.

    But please, please, please pick a topic that you are so sure you will enjoy writing about, you really do not know how many people have failed because of this. If you do not enjoy your topic, then you may find that you won't do as well as you thought you were going to do, because it will make your topic seem boring and worthless to you.

    Writing about something you have no interest in, will feel like a job you hate and you will never want to update it, people do not like sites that are plain boring and never updated with new unique content. So choose a topic you love and you would have no problem with updating. 

    Many good name choices, but do you have enough information or content?

    So, Maybe the website domain registration name choices your thinking are all fairly good. 

    The reality of it, is yes you may have some brilliant website domain names for your website. 

    But do you know enough valuable information/content that others do not know about your niche?

    If you don't, take some time to research and plan, think about it before you waste your money on buying your domain name, getting all set up, arriving at the part where you have to write and there is nothing, you don't know what to write.  

    Your mind has gone completely blank and you are puzzled.

    I have been there, I picked a topic I didn't enjoy writing about. In the end I decided to pick something else, which happened to be website creation. It is worked out for me and still I want to learn more and more about this topic.

    Please realise that I am not saying you do not know enough information on the topic you have chosen, all I'm saying is don't pick a topic you know nothing about and then register your domain name the first chance you get. If you have read my choosing a niche page, then you may be more confident with your selected niche.

    Sorry to be so blunt about this, but people have made this mistake so many times.

    Website Domain Registration.

    If you think you are ready to register your domain name with a website host. 

    Have you done the following? 

    Picked the website topic you are passionate about?

    Done some good quality research about your competition and your topic, to see if the choice you have made is a good one?

    Planned your website, by reading choose a niche?

    Decided which website host you want to use?

    Yes? if so, you are ready to register your domain name, hopefully with no regrets. I wanted this page to be a warning, implying that you shouldn't rush and pick your name instantly. 

    Be sure to check out this page on website hosts. For hosts that provide free domains upon registration and website hosts with many reasons why they are more supreme to the other regular hosts.

    A little heads up, so when you register your domain name to your host, be sure to include your main keyword in the actual domain name. This will help you with the search engines.

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