Registering Domain Names.

Registering domain names is the second part to building your own website.

The first part is choosing the right website host as I have mentioned.. Some website hosts provide you with a free domain name.

Though that is not the main reason why it is second step, I explain further down in more detail why registering domain names should be the second step.

What is a Domain Name?

For those who do not know, a domain name is the web address to your website, ""


A domain name can end in the following, ".com .net .co .info .org .me and so on, there are way more that end in all different kinds of "dot's".

As you may already know that the most common domain name is ".com" so try and register a ".com."

Registering Domain Names, The Second Step.

First off I want you to read the following page which explains why registering a domain name should be the second step and not the first.

You will find reasons to why you shouldn't rush straight to registering a domain name.

Choosing a domain name isn't that hard, but choosing the perfect one is. It's important that you do not rush to the naming part just yet.

Maybe you are very excited and want to name your website straight away. 

Before you do, check this page on website domain registration to see if you are making the right decision at the right time.

Purchasing a Domain Name.

If you have been through the page about domain registration at the right time.

Then congratulations you are now one step closer to registering a domain name. 

Now we want to be purchasing and registering our domain name with our website host.

I am going to recommend you with a couple of my favorite companies. 

If you are a beginner then most likely you haven't heard of these website hosting companies or maybe you have heard of them as they are very popular business's.

They are some of the top providers for website domain names and also provide you with website hosting you can trust. 

To learn more click here to visit purchasing a domain name.

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