Purchasing a Domain Name.

Purchasing a Domain Name, if you are trying to avoid any costs on building a website.

Then your website will not be successful, sorry to be so negative, but that is just how it is. 

It seems that now a days the word "purchase" is a word that many people are afraid of.

To make money you need to invest money.

I have mentioned on a few other pages that to make money you need to invest money.

Do you think that facebook, twitter or youtube built their business's off nothing?... Of course not, infact if you watch the social network movie you will see that he actually asks his best friend for the money to run his server.

Ok so maybe that is a bit more money than a regular website would need, but the point is still there "you need to invest to make"

Many people have tried to go down the road of no costs and it seems that it has never worked out...

So it most likely won't for you. 

If you don't believe me then try it yourself.
I am not forcing you to buy anything.

I know it sounds very negative but I can assure you that it is very true. It does not have to be a huge amount of money but it does however have to be some.

Some of the things that you may want to invest money in when building a website.

  • A Website host - can cost from 5 dollars to 300 dollars. The hosts that cost more are usually the ones that offer way more than those that cost five dollars for instance take SBI. Which is priced at 300 dollars for a yearly subscription or 35 dollars for a monthly subscription.
  • Purchasing a Domain Name - domain name prices can vary all depending on your host. Below you will find a cheap domain name registrar.

  • Website/HTML Editor - If you are design savvy then you most likely would want to build a website using your own or favorite website graphic and designing software... but the prices on software like that can be very expensive. Only to make your website look a little more fancier than others. So for those who don't want to pay 300 dollars for dreamweaver  Click here to visit some free HTML editors and website builders.

Hosts that provide free domains.

Sitebuildit provide you with a free domain name after registration!

They also provide you with hundreds of marketing tools and a 10 day video action guide which teaches you pretty much everything you need to know about building an online e-business.

If you are looking for the safest and secure way to build a website then SBI is probably the number one choice. But it can be too expensive for some so...

SBI too much on the budget?

Is this your first website? Maybe you are looking for a much cheaper method, for your own reasons... Well I have some suggestions for you. 

As you may know I do not like to recommend free products, so I have chosen some domain name registrars, that I personally think make purchasing a domain name feel like you haven't lost out in money.

As they are extremely cheap and very reliable also they are all globally known.

Remember that it is crucial for you to have already done the things on this page website domain registration. Before purchasing a domain name.

My Top Domain Name Registrar

My top recommendation for cheap domain names is one that you may already know of.. they are known as www.GoDaddy.com 

They are one of the top leading industries in domain name registration, hosting and SSL certificates with currently over 7 million customers who love their products. 

So this registrar can definetly be considered a reliable one as they have over seven million customers that all need to be satisfied.

They also offer solutions for email, site builders, servers and much more... Including there 24 hour customer service daily and a forums where you can ask what ever you like about them.

They are extremely cheap and easily affordable and they are a worldwide leading domain name industry. So if you are serious about building your own online e-business then you should consider this company for your domain name registration.

If you would like to find some different domain name registrars and more hosting plans with godaddy then visit my page about website hosts.

$7.49 .COM Domain Sale at GoDaddy.com

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