Optimizing Keywords.

Optimizing keywords plays a huge part when building a web page. It is how your traffic finds your website, by searching for your keywords.


However your web pages for those specific keywords must rank high in the search engines for MORE visitors to see your website.

To rank high with the engines we need to be optimizing keywords.
This page will guide you to the correct placement of keywords etc.

You can also find everything you need to know about content, tier linking and help on pleasing the search engines.

Content for Keywords.

The content that is related to those keywords is in your hands, you have to create unique content related to your keywords or you will not bring in the traffic.

If the content you create to those specific keywords is bad, the engines will not rank your website high within the search engines..

That is why unique content plays a strong role in website creation.

If you need to reconsider your topic and the content that you are going to create. Then you can find help on topic choice and planning your content on the page sell your content.

Keywords and Their Placement

When building each web page, you need to place a certain amount of keywords on each page.

The placement of the keywords serve as hooks for the search engines and allow them to know what your web page is going to be about.

You are helping the search engines by doing this, therefore you are in favor to them which is a good thing, as you are "helping them to know what your page is about.

I explain on my page website seo, more involving helping the search engines.

Web page Example

For example lets say that you are building a web page and the MAIN keyword for that page is "Website Design".

In total you must have a maximum of 5 keywords and they all need to be relevant.

As our main keyword is website design we need to have 4 more keywords that are related to the word Website Design.

The other 4 keywords are "Designing a website, CSS style sheets, website design software and affordable web design"...

Now we have chosen our keywords we want to place them over our web page. Include your main keyword which is website design in the first 90characters only once.

Then we want the main keyword over the whole page 5 times, but not in the first 500 characters, so we need to spread it out. You don't want your keywords to come one after another.

It will look like spam and that will not please your human visitors or engines, try to disguise them into sentences. You will also be trying to manipulate the engines if you fill your page with keywords.

They are not stupid and will penalize your website if you do anything like that.

Linking your keywords

Once you have placed your "specific keyword" over your web page and created your content.

You can then build and link to 4 other pages for optimizing keywords which were "Designing a website, Css style sheets, website design software and affordable website design.

So the page "website design" can now be linked to the above 4 keywords which you can create a content page about each of them with 4 more new keywords... and so on.

This is called Tier linking. If you look at most of my web pages in the navbar each separate page is linked to about 3-4 other pages that cannot be accessed through the navbar.

My homepage is Tier 1, my pages in the navbar are Tier 2's and the pages that they link to are Tier 3's.

This is the best way to structure any website and it makes it easier to navigate.

You can however include some Tier 3's in the navbar with exception.

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