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This page is all about how you make money with clickbank, if you have no knowledge on what clickbank is about then I recommend you read this page. 

If you have a general knowledge about clickbank then yes you should still read, this page is basically for beginners who have no idea what clickbank is or how to use it.

You may have already used clickbank and know what your doing.
and maybe you're making money with clickbank now, if so you should skip this page and continue using the methods you originally use.

Selling products with clickbank.

Will you be selling products? Then you will need to pay a fee to clickbank for them to sell your product, your product can be an e-book, software program or hardware that you deliver. It doesn't matter its still a product.

Clickbank will ask for your details about, payment methods, product information etc. They will then authorize your product and make it available to clickbank affiliates, which it is for them to promote your product for you! yes for you, when I read that I thought it was pretty amazing that clickbank do all that for you.

All you do is give your product details pay the fee and send off to affiliates. Your product obviously must be of some value because people want to buy products that are worth the money. Then they get promoted by affiliates and you make money with clickbank. It sounds too simple but it really is that simple. When I heard about clickbank I thought it was too good to be true it turns out it wasn't too good to be true it does give you everything it says its going to give you.

Why do people want to promote your product?

They want to promote it because they will receive a commission, depending on what kind of deal you have with clickbank, it is 75% commission but it also depends on how much it is going for. They most likely have a website related to the product your selling and it goes well with their website theme.

There are hundreds of reasons why they would want to promote your product for you. The reasons why they want to promote your product is because..

  • They receive a commission and It makes them money - (probably the top reason.)
  • The product itself has great value and people are demanding it.
  • The product fits in well with your traffic's interests.
  • It goes well with your website concept i.e It is related to your websites content.

So they don't really want to help you, they want to help themselves but by doing that they help you. it is a bit like a win-win situation when your selling a product with clickbank.

Clickbank plays the role of the middle man. The man who makes the dealings go down a lot easier. They also allow you to not go through the stress of who is going to buy your product by going round houses doing your sales pitch, when you could just log on to clickbank and start selling immediately.

One of the most quickest and simple ways to make money with clickbank.

Promoting Products with Clickbank.

Now for promoting products, promoting products and making money with clickbank is completely free. All you do is sign up to clickbank and head to their marketplace with thousands of different affiliate programs for you to choose from and hundreds of different categories to choose from also.

How do you promote their products? 

Very easy, all you do is sign up to Clickbank, go to their marketplace pick the category that is related to your website and choose an affiliate product. There are thousands of products with clickbank you just pick the one that interests you most and can give you traffic/readers a reason to buy it.

You will usually find that the top products to be promoted have their own affiliate programs, for example the may have things to help you advertise their product like - images, videos, articles and links for you too create with clickbank.

The link is for where your customer/traffic clicks your image,video or article and links to a products selling page or order page.

How does the third party know you are recommending their product?

You will notice that at the end of the URL it will look something like that.


That allows clickbank to know that the person who purchased this product was sent from your links/marketing methods.

To find out even more methods to make money with clickbank why not visit their website and start making money with Clickbank right now.

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