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This page focus's on how to increase website traffic. I made this page for those who have some sort of steady stream of traffic.

Which is already coming through to their website but need some more effective ways to increase it.

They basically need different marketing techniques that will help build their website traffic.

So I am providing you with some ideas that will work very well and are easy to complete.

Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic.

Maybe you have already thought about using twitter to increase website traffic or you have heard about it from other sources.

Using Twitter to increase website traffic is a method that can be very effective, If done correctly. I managed to raise my traffic within a couple of weeks alone by just using Twitter, now I have a more daily average of traffic because of marketing with Twitter.

How do you market with twitter? It's actually very simple, first of all set up your twitter account and name it, name it something that is related to your website. Keep it short and simple.

Once you have done that, the next thing to do is to find all the people/business's that are related to your niche. Follow each one that you find is related to your niche and your interested in. 


Remember that you already need to have built content pages by now and you should have your URL/Domain name available for use.

After you have done this, you should have some available unique content pages ready for your visitors to read. If so.

You are going to be "tweeting" your links on to twitter with a brief description, like so....

Learn How to Succeed Online at


Work With The Search Engines, Learn How at

These are just two of the links I use on twitter to promote my website. I do this atleast 5-6 times a day.

I will give you a little tip.

Twitter Tip

Follow at least 20-30 people/business's daily and they will then start to follow you, which will allow you more traffic and more visitors everytime you tweet on twitter.

If you are persistant, patient and your content is unique, this will increase website traffic in no time at all.

Use my twitter tip, follow people everyday and tweet atleast 6 times a day or more and you will see the increase.

Facebook Can Increase Website Traffic.

I am not talking about putting links on your status and letting your friends visit your website.

If you have read my free website traffic page then you will know that sending links to your friends and family from facebook is not a good idea at all.

The way that we increase your website traffic through facebook is by creating a facebook advert page. Before we can do this you need to already have enough content on your website to begin with. Next I will explain how we will create an advert page for those who do not know.

Creating yourself a facebook advert page,

First go to facebook's main page and below the section where you register for facebook it will say "Create a page, for celebrity,band or business". Click this, then select your category.

If you select brand or product it will come up in the scroll down with "Website" which is the category that you will want. Write your "company name in" which is your website URL, it will then ask you to log into facebook.

Once you have gone through all this, entered your company name, logged into facebook etc. You will then have created your facebook advert page. You can then edit your page in many ways, Include a description about your website, give author details, what you can offer people and why your website is different to the others. Include this all in your description.

You should also find yourself and upload your own company logo for your facebook advert page, this helps by promoting your own logo, for facebook users to recognize. It shows them that you are a legit company and you have your own brand/logo.

You can also set up your own "like widget" for your website which will be placed on your site for your visitors to "like" this helps you to know if the content that your visitors are reading is unique and people like what their seeing.

The key to increase website traffic through facebook is by getting those "likes" then putting up status's daily which are all going to be your own website url's to different pages on your website content.

It's the same thing your doing on twitter just through facebook. It is definetly a great marketing technique to use because there are millions of users on facebook and you can be sure it will bring you some traffic.

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