Free Website Traffic.

The objective is to achieve free website traffic, how do we do that? by realing them in. It is not hard at all.

I am going to give you a brief description of what traffic you need on your website and why... 

It has a lot to do with preselling to your visitors and giving your readers interest. I have said this before... 

I would rather have 10 people from the targeted free traffic category visit my website, than 200 friends and family off my facebook.

That "10 is more important than the "200"

Maybe you are wondering why I would rather have 10 free website traffic visitors on my site than 200 friends and family. Ill tell you why.

Very simple answer and it is, that 10 will grow and grow to more than 200, the 200 will never grow. The 10 have come from the search engines who are actually looking for the content on your website and the 200 on the other hand are just friends and family, being respectful and checking out your website.

But those friends/family will not be back again and will never build your traffic.

The great thing is, if that 10 are impressed with what they see on your website than they will be back again and bring back more traffic with them next time and that ball will keep growing.

The search engines will always send you visitors and they will send you more traffic if your visitors are impressed with what they see and you have a website full of content. How do you impress them? Provide unique valuable content, its that simple.

How do we attract free website traffic ?

That is one top question, Very simple all you need to do is create unique content about your niche that no one else has and that will impress your visitors in other words your content must be true, must be different and must amaze your visitors.

If you can sell your content to your readers. Then you will not have many problems in building your traffic. 

Building traffic is so simple and so rewarding, But it will not happen instantly if you have 5 great pages of content you need atleast 20-30 pages of excellent unique content to bring in a good amount of traffic.

If you have read the whole of this website then you may start to realise that the key to building a website, building the traffic and producing income is by creating the best and the most valuable content which will amaze your visitors.

After you have created enough content to estonish your traffic before you upload and build those pages. We have to add in some hooks that will please the search engines.

How do we do this ?

Learn how to please the search engines. Read this page all about website seo.

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