Free Website Builders.

The two free website builders I am going to recommend are both HTML editors. The first one is known as Arachnophilia. 

Arachnophilia is a basic editor, but very efficient... I have been using Arachnophilia for a long time and had no problems with it any way.

I think that Arachnophilia is an editor that is very easy to get a hold of quickly. 

Maybe the first time you use it, it will seem quite puzzling but after a week or so you will see that Arachnophilia is very simple and easy to use, compared to some editors...

The second editor which I will recommend is called KompoZer. KompoZer is more on the modern side of editors with a few extras like preview, adding images, tables, forms, Cascades etc.

They are both great HTML editors that should be considered for download. To find more information or links for download read on...

HTML Editors

I use both of these editors, My favorite is KompoZer which I use for pretty much everything and anything. I use Arachnophilia to edit my css style sheet. 

Some reason KompoZer will not let me edit the style sheet, So I use the both of them... They are both free html editors and they are just as good as any other editor that you pay for, so by downloading these you could save yourself a few dollars.

Some people use editors like dreamweaver and others that cost about 50 dollars+ 

I do not use the fancy graphic and designing software I simply pick a template from one of many websites across the Internet.

Then write all my content into a free html editor. I think it is a waste of money to buy a design software - after all it isn't design that helps you build a great website, it is content.

Maybe after you are making a profit from your website and you feel the need to invest in a more advanced editor than go ahead, I just feel that it is un neccesary to waste money on something that you could do just as good for free.

If your looking for a css template then visit this website that offers free css templates for download.

Templates and HTML Coding.

I got the template for when I purchased SitebuildIt. 

This template is a 3-Column Css template, when you buy sitebuildit they provide you with quite a variety of custom made templates and most of them are very well designed.

If you don't have any experience using html then its not hard to learn, all you do is go on the Internet and type in google "html editing" there are many websites on the Internet that teach you coding for html.

You could also go to this website which provides you with Hundreds of HTML Tutorials. 

I learnt all my HTML from this website and SBI. It will seem very overwhelming and confusing at first but you soon as you get started you will quickly get the hang of it.

If you feel that creating a website with a html editor is too much for you, maybe your not so computer savvy.. Well sitebuildit provides you with a simple and easy to use block by block builder that is very easy to use even for someone who has no computer experience at all.

The free website builders I have recommended are all from my personal use I have tried them before and have not had any problems so far. Therefore I recommend them because they can help all you website builders just how they have helped me.

A Free Website Builder.

If you want a free website builder, then I know of a great software to help build your website. Which really gets you to grips with the basics of building websites and design.

YahooSiteBuilder, is a really great tool and is completely free, it is very easy to use and gives you a great experience with website building.

Though yahoositebuilder is good, it is a really precise tool and you have to line up everything to the exact inch. It's more like a drag and drop tool, but works very well. I also believe that they have their own host plan, but I do not know of it, as I have never used it. The yahoositebuilder is a great tool for you to learn with and experience how to build a website. It gives you some good practice for website building.

It is however for beginners, if you already have some previous experience in website building then use the tools that you already know and feel comfortable with. I will also suggest that you use this tool for one purpose only. It is for you to practice with.

If you want to proceed with yahoositebuilder then by all means do so, I am not knocking it, It is a great free website builder and their host plan is probably a really good one as it is Yahoo.

But I have never hosted with Yahoo and I used the builder to gain some experience in, when I was using yahoo site builder I was very new to building websites and didn't actually know much at all, I learned a lot from yahoo site builder just by experimenting different things with their free website builders, I then found SiteBuildIt and had to use their plan as I was amazed from what they had to offer.

So I cannot be a hypocrite and tell you that the host plan which yahoo offer is great, as I have never tried it myself. Maybe one day if I decide to, then I will host with them and let you know how it goes, But for now I will let you make that decision on your own.

More Resources

Also you can learn how to create a website without programming.

Visit the link above to find more.

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