Choosing a Niche For Your Website.

If you are on this page, then you are looking to find some good ideas on help choosing a niche.

If you want to create a website then you need to have a unique niche and a profitable one.

Their is no such thing as a better niche, however there are some that generate more traffic than others but it all depends on your content and the relevent information you provide related to your chosen topic. 

Choosing a niche that is right for you means you have to be interested in your niche, you can't be choosing a niche because you think it will make you the most money.

Thats not the right frame of mind to have, so make sure you are choosing a niche that you are most interested in.

Below are a few quick ways to find out if choosing a niche or if your chosen niche is best fit for you. 

Choosing a niche for me was done very easily because it's something I love, something I want to learn more about and now today as I write about creating websites I discover something new everyday from research and reading through sitebuildit..

The Key To Choosing The Perfect Niche.

Can you answer "yes" to any of these things?

  • Do you like it?
  • Can you relate to it?
  • Is it something that you have an experience in/experienced in your life?
  • Can you write information about it that could have value to other people, such as people could be able learn from it or it could benefit them?
  • And do you want to learn more about it?
  • If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then your heading the correct way and are on the right track of selecting the perfect niche.

    Narrowing down your niche.

    Now you need to decide for yourself, Does your niche have too much competition? We will do this by a little task I created, just to make it easier for people choosing a niche.

    We take the word "music" for example.

    Music has way too much competition for you to be able to compete with, I could honestly say its pretty much impossible to create a website just based on the word music and to have any traffic from it at all. 

    Why? Because when you write the word music into google. 

    It will come up with this amount -1,930,000,000 , that many websites all based on the word music. How many people in this world love music and would like to learn more about it? I'd say about over a billion people. 

    But you are going to be smarter than all the others that decide to choose the niche music. You will not be writing about just music it has way too much competition for anyone to write enough valuable content about it. Even if they tried for months they would still have some trouble ranking in the search engines.

    So lets say that you like hip-hop music, now still hip-hop music is a fairly competitive niche but it could be done, and again it still has a lot of competition.  But it is still an idea and a possibility. 

    You love hip-hop music and you want to write about something related to hip-hop music.

    Lets say that you used to produce music in your free time, you made hip-hop beats and music on a program called fruitloops, A music making program you can download from the internet.

    Lets cut to the chase. 

    "Music" - 1,930,000,000 Results shown. 

    "Hip-hop music" - 176,000,000 Results shown. - at least we lost three zeros.

    "hip-hop" - 166,000,000 Results shown. - slowly going down, but still too much competition.

    "creating hip-hop music" - 132,000,000 Results shown. - still need less.

    "hip-hop music with fruitloops" - 3,200,000 Results shown - good but we can go lower.

    "Creating Music With Fruitloops" - 922,000 - Now thats what we need, 

    Not too less and not way too much, a good niche with enough traffic to produce revenue from and be able sell valuable content.

    Notice how the numbers slowly went down and I managed not to go off track, I could still pick a niche related to music.

    If you think your selected topic is too broad then use the technique I just demonstrated, see if you can narrow down your niche to allow you more chance of winning over the topic.

    If you want an easier way to do this then it would be ideal to get sitebuildit - or read my review on them to see what they offer, but if you want to save the cost, then do it how I have done, maybe my way is not as efficient as the results you would get with them, but I believe it does work, so give it a try.

    The keyword tool brainstormer made by sitebuildit, will do all this for you, plus more... All you have to do is, type in the word and wait for the results.
    Brainstormer will give you the best ones.

    But if you don't want that kind of help, then try what I explained.

    Which niche do I pick?

    The biggest question out there is. What niche should I pick?

    Sorry to say this, but there is no answer to that question. There will never be a niche that will be more successful than others.

    Yes there are websites out there that achieve more, because the people that make these are dedicated and work hard for what they achieve.

    Some of the websites out there are literally about almost anything and everything and most of them are all very successful, with the exception that some do not create enough income as others.

    Why do those niches make more money than others? Because of the people, If you have the right set of mind, you love your niche, you honestly know a ton of information about it. Then you are able to win your niche over, with the right guidance - me :), you can do it, if you truly put your mind to it and work hard enough, the time you put in to it, will reward you I can honestly promise you that.

    So when you feel that you can't do it, do not give up, rest and come back to it, it may take some time or it may not, it is totally up to you, how much you can accomplish.

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