Building Website Traffic.

Building website traffic can sometimes be extremely difficult and it is one of the main reasons that many people have failed at building websites.


There are thousands of websites out there that have been a complete failure.

All because there wasn't a simple and steady stream of traffic.

This page is built directly for you to learn how to build that extra steam of traffic and even how to increase it!

We need to keep it real.

We can make it all a lot easier by not listening to those seo's (search engine optimizers). The key to building website traffic is to work with the search engines and not against them!

You do not need to have advanced knowledge in search engine optimization to get enough traffic, all you need to know is how to please the engines. Which isn't hard at all, very basic optimizing.

How do we do that ? By keeping it real, what I mean when I say "keeping it real" is by staying simple and building content for your website that will not only impress your human visitors but the search engines too.

There are two types of search engine optimization, the one where you fight against the engines and the other where you work with the engines.

I explain to you in full how we are going to impress our human visitors by giving them the content that they seek and how we work with the search engines by not fighting against them.
Read more here, the page on helping the search engines and general website seo.

Free Website Traffic.

There are different types of traffic that you can achieve, but creating website traffic is not just sending links of your website to your friends and family on facebook or wherever you decide to send these links.

Your friends and family are not going to buy your promoted products, they may click some of your google ad's but are they going to do that everyday?

The traffic you want is the free website traffic. Free website traffic are the visitors that type your keywords into the search engines and come across your valued content website.

This type of traffic is the one that makes your income! They cannot be people you know because are your friends and family going to buy the products that you recommend?

Most likely not, so the objective of building website traffic is to attract free website traffic, which is basically people who are generally interested in your chosen niche and want good valuable content about your topic, whatever the topic may be.

Do you want to understand more about search engine optimization? Visit Seo consulting for dummies

Increase Website Traffic

Have you built your website and are still struggling to increase website traffic?

I am going to help you increase your website traffic by providing you with some of the best seo tips to increase website traffic. I made a page focused on the different ways of building website traffic.

This page will show you how to increase traffic using things like facebook and twitter, so you must already have some sort of stream of traffic, just not as much as you expected.

If you are on this section then you must have already read my pages on website seo and free website traffic. Which is the traffic you want and how to give your traffic what they want. Including pleasing the search engines. Methods on how to increase your website traffic.

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