Building Website Content

To start any website we need to be building website content. There is more to building content then you think, sometimes building content can be a little difficult.

That is why I have written this page, all the information needed to know about building website content and planning it.

Without valuable content there is nothing to gain from building a website, so be sure to read everything through.

Read it all and you will find yourself progressing well.

What You Need Before You Build.

  • You need your keywords for each page. (The key words that describe that page.)
  • Your content. (The pages which will be found on your website.)
  • What you are going to give your readers. Which is valuable content, the content that makes your website different to others.

  • These are some of the key points to building website content.
    Content is the key to building any website, without building website content, there wouldn't be a website, words are the biggest factor in website creation. So focus on planning and building as much content as
    you can.

    Planning Website Content

    Building website content we need knowledge of our niche. What do you write about on your website? The answer to that is simple, you can write about absolutely anything.

    But before you start to write content for any website, you should always plan the building scheme for the content and pages, to plan pages it needs to be your niche divided into categories, The example below is not based on a website that I have built, it is my demonstration to you on how we can plan website content and how it helps us when building website content.

    First, we start with the topic which in this case is body toning exercises, it is also the main keyword for the website. This keyword is the word that is based on the entire site and it will be the word which all the content is written about. 

    Then we sub-catergory keywords all related to the main keyword of the website, such as thigh exercises, bicep exercises, tricep exercises, back exercises and ab exercises. These words all are relavant to body toning exercises and will all be pages of the website. 

    You see that we already have atleast five pages we can write great content about. Once we have wrote these pages we then write three to five more pages all related to each keyword, so take the first word thigh exercises, link that page thigh exercises to thigh exercise routines and then to thigh exercise diets and thigh exercise equipment. There is already another three pages added on to the keyword "thigh exercises".

    By doing this we are not letting our niche become too broad and not just focusing on general keywords like thigh exercises. By digging deeper and finding not as common keywords which is a good thing. It is a good thing because it gives that page a better chance in ranking with the search engines quicker and more effectively.

    We are putting all the words into narrow categories and these are the pages that will be targeted first and build the first part of our traffic. The other thing is that we have already created five content pages which are related to body toning exercises and thigh exercises.

    Use this technique for each keyword to create more categories for your website.

    Next, do the same thing for bicep exercises, add the same categories we added to thigh exercises and you will see that you are starting to build enough content for your website.

    The website plan should start to look something like this.

    Thigh Exercises

    thigh exercise routines, thigh exercise diets, thigh exercise equipment.

    Bicep Exerices

    bicep exercise routines, bicep exercise diets, bicep exercise equipment.

    Abs Exercises

    abs exercise routines, abs exercise diets, abs exercise equipment.

    There we have at least twelve pages already planned and ready to write, with only just three categories.

    The writing is part is up to you, you need to start researching or writing the content that you already know.

    It's that easy, I mean building website content is just writing information about a topic that you hopefully love and want to learn more about and when you have finished all the writing and researching you will be thinking of way more deeper categories to add to your website.

    Some people think, that writing a lot of content is hard work, but it really isn't, it may seem like a lot of work at first but as soon as you get into it, it doesn't feel like work at all.

    When you have planned your content, and produced some good quality pages, all you have to do after that is presell, and that is the easiest part.

    Valuable Content For Your Readers.

    The content that you create must be of value to your readers!

    I know that I have explained more than once that content is very important to you and your readers, but I want to get through to you all that without content, there is no website, no traffic and last of all no income. 

    You could have a website that has been designed to perfection, has thousands of images and fancy borders, but if it doesn't have any valuable content, who is going to want to visit it? No one.

    Sorry to be so blunt but what I just said is very true, so remember it. Something you need know is that your traffic/readers do not care about you, all they care about are themselves and the knowledge that you have to offer them.

    When people visit websites the first question they do not ask themselves is...

    "I wonder if the person who wrote this is a nice guy or if he deserves for me to buy a product that was recommended by him". No they do not ask that, they ask themselves. 

    "What's in it for me?"

    "What do I get out of it?" 

    Well it could be anything depending on what your website is about, but they already know what your website is about, because they just typed it into a search engine.

    Which most likely means, they have more than a slight clue about what they are going to see.

    When they click the link, which links directly to your website they want to see, or they need to see what you are going to give them, so you tell them immedietly.

    They also need to see valued information that they haven't seen on the hundreds of other websites that they have visited.

    Therefore this means your content needs to be unique, unique from all the other websites that are related to your chosen topic and spread out widely across the internet.

    What kind of valued information do you offer to your readers?

    It could be information on how to train your chihuahua, how to make a spanish coffee or how to make your plants grow faster...

    So the first thing you write in the primary paragraph on any of your web pages is what you are going to give your reader.

    This is one easy way of selling your content, by doing this simple technique you have already got your reader pulled in on what you are going to tell them, which leads to them reading the rest of that page and if satisfied, they may be reading more than just one page.

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