Building a web page.

Building a web page is the next step after making the tough decision of website hosting and domain registrars. 

You should have chosen your niche and be well on your way to building.

These few pages will give you all the relevant information for what you need on every single web page.

Things such as keyword placement, placement of content, resources for royalty free images and more..

First things first, Build a Homepage...

Before building a web page you want to build your self a homepage. Building your homepage is a very important factor for a website.

Remember that your homepage is most likely the first thing that your website visitors will see.

It is the most important page of your website, it represents everything that will be on your website. Basically your homepage needs to be over the top impressive.

What we are going to do is find some of things that should be included on your homepage. 

Here on this page Build a Homepage you will find some guidelines on what should be doing on your homepage.

Keywords For Building a Web page.

On every web page that you create you should have at least five keywords per page.

Each of these keywords will all be related to the specific web page, whatever it may be about.


Keywords are basically hooks for the search engines which allow them to know what your website and separate web pages are about. 

They are also how people will come across your website. By searching your keywords.

If you right click this page and click "view page source". At the top where it says "Meta Name Keywords" there are five different keywords on that line.

These are all related to this page. The first keyword is "Building a Web page" which is the main keyword of this page.

Want a thorough description of optimizing keywords and the placement of keywords?

Images for your web pages.

If you search the web and go through all different kinds of websites, you will see that 90% of websites all have different kinds of images.

Whether they are homemade logos, photos from family albums or random images found on the web. Each website has an image.

Having images on a website can change the whole perspective and give your website that little extra professional look and feel.

However, finding good images for your website can be some what difficult

On this next page you can find a wide variety of royalty free image resoures...

Click the link to go to the page on Royalty Free Images.

Also you can find out how images can increase your search engine keyword rankings.

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