Build a Homepage.

Are you at the part " Build a homepage " If your anything like me then you may have already planned out your whole website and have reached the part where you are about to build your homepage. 

When I arrived at building my homepage I was lost on where to start but as soon as I was pushed/jumped into it, I was fine and progressed very well.

So this page which I have written is for those who find it difficult starting and need that little boost to get moving to build a homepage.

What your website provides or contains.

The first thing you should mention when you start your homepage is what your website contains or is going to contain, it may not have it at this moment in time but it will do soon. 

So plan ahead and write what you are going to have on your website be sure to allow some keywords in their so you can link them to new pages on your website. A good tip, highlight your keywords for future reference so you can just link them to those pages, when complete.


If you can, try to include an image or a couple of images related to your website theme. Good for the design aspect.

If you take a look at my homepage you will see how I include a description of what is involved on my website and I link to just a few pages on my website, short but simple. 

Build a HomePage - Your Story.

On your hompage you always always always, need your very own story... It is your story and what you can include in that story such as why you decided to make a website, why you have chosen that particular topic, how did you come across building a website? How finacially fortunate it made you, Who made you want to build a website... 

Stories like this will for sure interest your readers and maybe even inspire them to building their very own website. It allows them to get to know you by building trust between you and them.

My story is about why SiteBuildIt inspired me to build a website I read hundreds of success stories on their website and I just had to join when I had read them. To me it was an inspiration. 

Now I am building my very own success with this website and my traffic is really starting to increase. It was inspiring for me to see others doing it, but for myself to achieve it as well, its great. 

So be sure to give your own story, don't drag it on though, make it's short and simple, then maybe carry it on to a "about us" page.


When you include "your story" in build a homepage, place it in the middle of your homepage.

Table Of Contents

If you look at my homepage at the bottom after my description their is a section called the "Table of Contents".

This is basically some of the pages on my website added to my homepage for easy access. What it does, is it gives the title and description of each page you want on the table of contents.
Which you include in your meta tags.

You can build your table of contents yourself, I didn't however, SiteBuildIt provided it, in one of the includes they provide you with when you purchase their program.

If you know how to build one of these and are not going to be using SiteBuildIt then you should do so. They are really efficient and can actually increase more visits to your homepage, by having one there. Many websites over the net are using them today.

This is definetly one thing you should include when you build a homepage.

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