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My name is Jake, I am 20 years old and I earn an income online and work full time as a web developer.

I started building websites when I was 18. I started off building my website in Mexico when my family decided to move there from the United Kingdom, England.

I didn't want to move to Mexico at first but I believed at the time it was a good opportunity for me. Turns out it wasn't the greatest opportunity and I didn't like it there at all... whilst I was there I went to school and tried to study spanish.

I then tried to find work there, but because of the language barrier all I could find was a low payed job as an English teacher, where I was making about 400 dollars a month... Which you all know is not very much to live off.

So basically I was sponging off my parents and didn't have much going for me at all.

I had already had this passion for building websites when I had built several website mockups using yahoo site builder and photoshop.

I then discovered sitebuildit and was convinced that if I bought SBI I was able to make some extra money with my website.

So I went ahead and purchased SBI.

I started building in Mexico and was about a month down the line and had progressed very well. I had done all my research and was about to put "money-with-a-website.com" live on the internet.

I then met this wonderful Canadian girl... cutting to the chase we fell in love, I applied for my visa and moved to Canada with her. After that I was looking for work in Canada and did not have much luck at all for the first couple of months - I then saw a job advertisement for the position of a website developer at a company called have1.com

I really needed to get a job as my website was not pulling in enough income for me to live off alone. I applied for the position of website developer at have1.com by showing everything I had learned through SBI and used money-with-a-website.com as part of my portfolio. Turns out that they really liked me and hired me as there website developer.

The moral is I had no experience as a web developer other than building using sitebuildit, I did not study website design at school or went college for anything in relevance to web design.

I am now am a full time website developer, I build and design websites for a living, for many different types of local business's - I love my job and I thought that maybe this story would inspire some of you.

I believed SBI was a great opportunity and I benefited well buy purchasing their program, maybe some of you guys should consider them if you are looking at building your own website, whether it be a personal website or a business one.

They are my number one choice! I mean look how much I learned from them! What sitebuildit did for me may sound a little unbelievable to you guys, but I really don't care because they work and they work extremely well. I am sure that there are many others who have similar stories to tell.

Now I earn 2 incomes one from my job and one from this website. I thought it would be good to share this story with you guys and let you know a little about my life.. - Please feel free to leave a comment or a rating of some sort at the bottom of this page.

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